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The Pack Roller PRO is a true step-forward in speargun technology and underwater hunting. A bluewater / big-game speargun that is incredibly travel-friendly with zero comprimize in performance. Our proven inverted-roller system combines with our water-ballasted speargun to provide the ultimate combination of range, accuracty, penetration and portability . By combining our break-down connection with a large water ballast system, we have created the perfect lightweight yet powerful break-down speargun that is very easy to travel with. The Pack Roller Pro is a mere 5.5lbs FULLY RIGGED. While in use, however, the speargun takes on nearly 3 pounds of water which results in increased range and penetration for thicker fish, better accuracy, less recoil, and reduced "dry weight". 


Dry Weight:  5.5lbs    

Wet Weight: 8.3lbs  


- Lightweight, Carbon fiber construction

- Twin carbon fiber connection tubes

- Avoid oversize baggage fees - It pays for itself in a few trips!

- Easily packs in any car, on your bicycle, motorcycle, backpack, etc.

- Keep a low profile when travelling to your dive spots


* The Pack Roller PRO comes with a threaded shaft. If you would prefer a flopper shaft, please write "flopper shaft" in the checkout note section. 


- Heavy duty stainless steel mechanism with a max load of 825 lbs.

- Each speargun is balanced when loaded and float without the spear shaft. 

- Handle and muzzles are made from UV resistant polymer that does not absorb water.

- Rubber grip for left or right handed spearos.

- Shooting line release can be installed on left or right side.

- Stainless trigger safety.

- Mounting holes on trigger guard for vertical reels.

- All plugs are epoxied into barrel to ensure no water intrusion.

- Accepts horizontal reel installation.



All spearguns are made to order. Please contact for current lead-times. 

Pack Roller PRO 135cm

PriceFrom $1,790.00
  • 8mm Threaded travel shaft (Flopper available by request)

    One Pair 17.5mm Primeline rubber bands on roller system 

    Two Pairs 14mm, small ID, Primeline rubber bands

    One Pair 14mm Primeline rubber "booster" bands on top

    300lb monofilament shooting line 

    Travel Sleeve

    Permanent epoxy barrel plugs to prevent water intrusion

    Gun length denominations are based on distance from rear sharkfin to the band connection at muzzle. 


  • Two Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects, INCLUDING water intrusion into the barrel.

    We are confident in the quality and performance of our spearguns. If your speargun does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund. Refund only applies to unused spearguns that have not been in the water. Please do not hesitate to contact with questions regarding proper use and setup of the spearguns. 

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