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"The gun is working wonderfully... the spear passed through no problem. even from distance... I'm definitely satisfied with the purchase..."

Ryan - Ponce, Puerto Rico

"Had no problems putting it together while i was out there, great penetration and always shot straight... gun was great the whole trip. I loved it for travelling." 

Michael - Los angeles 

What people are saying.

"I find myself using this more than any of my other guns... even when not traveling"

Nick - Baja California, Mexico

"I ordered a Pack Hunter 120 and could not be happier with the quality of the product and the service level given. It's evident how much care and attention is put into crafting these amazing spearguns. Cam was in communication quickly and throughout the process, and has maintained interest in customer experience and satisfaction. I wholly recommend purchasing one, or more, of his spearguns."

Darren - Monroe, WA

"Recently purchased a 100cm Pack Roller and I’m extremely pleased with the new speargun. Exceptional craftsmanship and it easily fits in my suitcase. TAG’s customer service has also been exceptional."

Daniel - Virginia

Pack Roller 110

Pack Roller 130

Pack Hunter 110

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