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About Us

Here at TAG Spearguns, we are dedicated to providing you with the best tools for your underwater adventures. Our mission is to deliver top-quality spearguns that combine performance and portability. 

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Designed and constructed in California

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Quality Guaranteed

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Made to Order


Meet Cameron.

As the founder of TAG Spearguns, Cam’s vision is to share the joy and excitement of spearfishing with fellow enthusiasts around the world. Each speargun is meticulously crafted, made to order, and carries the essence of his global adventures. 


With a background in engineering, woodworking and a creative mind, Cam saw an opportunity to blend his expertise with his favorite practice: Spearfishing. He embarked on a quest to craft lightweight, travel-ready spearguns that would not compromise on effectiveness. 


The journey took him from Seattle to the sunny shores of San Diego, where he now calls home. But Cam’s passion for spearfishing knows no borders. Armed with his innovative speargun designs, he set out on a global adventure, spearfishing and freediving in far-flung corners of the world. From the Philippines, to New Zealand, through Latin America he has had the opportunity to freedive and spearfish in all sorts of waters. Pushing his understanding and skill in building the most-tested equipment. 

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* Free Returns Only Apply to spearguns that have not been used nor been in water.

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