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Now in stock - Threaded tip Travel shafts for slip-tips

"Had no problems putting it together while i was out there, great penetration and always shot straight... gun was great the whole trip. I loved it for travelling." 

Michael - Los angeles, 

130cm Pack Hunter

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"The gun is working wonderfully... the spear passed through no problem. even from distance... I'm definitely satisfied with the purchase..."

Ryan - Ponce, Puerto Rico

100cm Pack Roller + Reel

Travel-ready Spearguns without sacrificing performance

Est. 2022

SAN diego, california

patent pending

new arrivals

"I ordered a speargun and you sent me a work of art! Really, everywhere I look it's apparent the attention to detail that was taken. Great work..."

Darren - Monroe, WA

120cm Pack Hunter

Each TAG speargun is made to order.

lead-time is typically 1 week + shipping.


As a child I was always fishing. Then, in my teens it was SCUBA diving. But when I found spearfishing, it became a true obsession. Moving around freely without tanks and learning how to get closer to the fish was addictive. With a background in woodworking and engineering, I starting building spearguns and imagining how to create lightweight travel spearguns. After building and testing a couple of versions, I tucked a two-piece, carbon fiber speargun in my backpack, strapped my fins to the bag and took a one-way flight to La Paz, Mexico. Two years later I flew back from the southern tip of South America, having spearfished in most of the countries along the way, often in remote areas and hard-to-reach dive spots. Back home, I made improvements to the design – and took two new guns to the Philippines, where I tested them while teaching freediving for SSI. I returned to the U.S. with new skills and new ideas.  I built two more guns and packed them for year of hunting snapper and kingfish in New Zealand. Today, many designs and several models later, I’ve perfected the lightweight, portable speargun without sacrificing performance. I hope you’ll find these guns, the products of years of spearfishing around the world, bring you that same enjoyment and success in the water.

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