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Free Shipping to US, Guam, and Puerto Rico + Free Returns* - Get the speargun in your hands!


Performance made portable: Finally. A zero-compromise speargun that is as ready to travel as you are.  

Precision Break-Down Spearguns. Uncompromising Quality.

- Our highly capable spearguns are not just for travel


- Avoid oversize baggage fees - It pays for itself in a few trips!

- Easily packs away in any car, on your bicycle, motorcycle, etc. 

- Keep a low profile when traveling to your dive spots.

Proudly Praised by Customers

"...I love this speargun. The build quality is unmatched. It’s super light, maneuverable, sturdy, accurate, and obviously perfect for travel..."

Ryan - Puerto Rico

"I ordered a Pack Hunter 120 and could not be happier with the quality of the product and the service level given. It's evident how much care and attention is put into crafting these amazing spearguns..."

Darren - WA

"The packroller system is incredible - a fullsize no compromise gun that fits a standart suitcase. It's lightweight and easy to assemble as well..."

Max - Florida

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How It Started...

From a young age, a fascination with fishing evolved into a passion for SCUBA diving, and spearfishing emerged as the ultimate pursuit. Merging skills in woodworking and engineering, the goal was to create the perfect travel speargun - A travel speargun so good that you'll use it even when you're not traveling. 


Extensive refinement led to the birth of these designs. Remote locations and inaccessible dive spots became the proving grounds, refining and pushing the boundaries.


Encouraged by positive results in oceans around the world, the journey of improvement continued, resulting in the culmination of experience and expertise. Today, a range of lightweight and high-performance spearguns stands as a testament to years immersed in the world of spearfishing.

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* Free Returns Only Apply to spearguns that have not been used nor been in water.

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