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Ermes reels has been proven capable for all types of spearfishing. This horizontal reel is available in "High" and "low". The Low model is pictured second in the photos.

- Lightweight with minimum effect on buoyancy.
- True adjustable drag - not "free spool" operation.

- Handle retracts to tuck away when not winding the reel. 


Note - Horizontal reels attach directly to the barrel. This will have an impact on the Pack Roller and Pack Invert Roller in that the loading hook on the bottom of the barrel will shift forward by roughly 2". For the Pack Invert, the main 18mm bands will still secure at the handle. 



Albatros Low - 30m 1.5mm / 20m 1.9mm

Albatros High - 50m 1.5mm  / 33m 1.9mm


* All reel line is now the best on the market - Aussie Line Pro 1.9mm

Albatros Horizontal Reel

PriceFrom $63.00

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